FERMANAGH’S Claire Falconer is an ethereal artist who predominantly works in oils, creating paintings that invite observers to transcend everyday experience.

At the end of 2020, the established artist launched a selection of original fine art prints for the first time.

The collection is eclectic, showing her incredible range from moody and dramatic landscapes to bold pieces which energetically express what she describes as visions of interconnected being, of unity consciousness.

Here, Claire talks about the inspiration and depth of meaning behind some of her favourite pieces.

‘The Call is One’

At the end of 2019, Claire developed a project entitled ‘The Call is One’, which she described as “a warrior call home to ourselves and to the wisdom of Nature”.

The project resulted in a poem, painting and art film created with Robert Anthony, of soulsync.life. Claire explained that the painting was created to illustrate her poem, which reads:

“We rest our wings

Preparing to soar

Lighter than before

That we may view the world from afar

And see our place

As among infinite stars

Balanced in perfect harmony

Holding space

For this new dawn

To awaken fledgling wings for flight”

‘She sings Blue Light’

Detailing her process in creating the piece, ‘She sings Blue Light’, Claire said: “Recently, I’ve been practicing the technique of ‘over toning’, which is an ancient way of amplifying natural harmonic resonance. It is a very meditative practice.

“Animals seem to love it, and it’s a powerful thing to do at ancient sites, too. I feel that frequency and vibration hold immense potential for healing.

“When I sing, I feel areas of blockage open up; my breath reaches deeper, and my mind clears.”

Reminiscing, Claire recalled one evening in the Autumn of 2019 when she was singing in her studio.

“Feeling each note vibrate within a different part of the body, rising, through my belly, to my heart and when I got to the throat level, the note shone blue.

“I worked with this beautiful shining blue light until it expanded and filled my whole body,” she said, adding: “Colours associate with the spinning energy centres of the body: the chakras.

“The throat chakra is blue. I understand these connections now on a new level. Real magic!”

‘Tawneyreagh Tree by Night’

Claire explained that her piece entitled ‘Tawneyreagh Tree by Night’ is one of her personal favourite paintings.

“It depicts a beautiful tree which I know well, as it grows on the land where I was brought up in County Fermanagh,” she said, noting how she sometimes goes for long walks there and brings her sketchbook to make studies.

“On this particular evening the sky was brilliantly lit with stars,” she added.


Rossnowlagh in County Donegal is a very special place for Claire. In this piece, she captures the heavenly headland of Rossnowlagh Beach depicted in its natural state, without all trace of human presence; peaceful and wild.

‘Dragonfly Dance’

“Opening the portal for transformation and change; a metamorphosis into light and free flight,” is how Claire describes her piece entitled ‘Dragonfly Dance’.

She went on to explain that the dragonfly is “the spirit animal of pure potential”.

“[The piece represents] Breaking free of old paradigms, bringing new self-awareness and perspectives and revealing a path to freedom, to new worlds and new ways of being.”

‘Beaghmore Stone Circle’

Claire visits ancient sites in Ireland frequently. “They all lie on converging ley lines; natural earth energy lines. There is a peace at these places and I always come away feeling energised,” she explained.

Whilst visiting the Beaghmore Stone Circle, she used pastels to capture the beautiful surroundings of the site with its backdrop of forest and rolling hills.

“I first visited on a blissful sunny afternoon, just before Summer Solstice – a perfect time to visit as the site is aligned to the Solstice, and being there just before meant it was almost empty of visitors.

“I had my pastels with me and was drawn towards this spot on the hill, looking down over what I later discovered was known to some locals as ‘the woman’s circle’,” said Claire.

“It did feel both very powerful and very gentle to me. This drawing was done that afternoon,” she said, referring to her piece titled ‘Beaghmore Stone Circle’.

‘Blue Wave’

Claire’s piece, ‘Blue Wave’, is inspired by the magic of the sea.

“Little cold immersion sea swims have become a positive habit for me, and they are the quickest way to clear and energise body and mind,” she said.