A FERMANAGH gospel singer has released a new album that are certain to be uplifting and delightful.

Lynda Lindsay, a well-known Gospel singer who regularly sings in Lisbellaw Parish Church, has released a new album, entitled 'Songs of Hope'.

The singer has recorded numerous albums over the years, but this album will represent Lynda's 15 years as a recorded Gospel singer.

Lynda was motivated to release an album after being inspired during the first national lockdown.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Lynda said: "I had been placed on furlough from my work at Gortacharn Nursing Home where I work as an activity co-ordinator. Music is a very big thing in the home, and all the older people love music."

Lynda decided to help inspire others and posted a hymn a day on Facebook, posting on both her own personal account and on the Lisbellaw Parish account.

The hymns quickly became known as 'the lockdown hymns'.

For her lockdown hymns, the soprano recorded the songs in her home as well as in Lisbellaw Parish Church, and the much smaller Coolbuck Parish Church.

She was helped by Frances Boyd who recorded the singing and edited the videos. Lynda looks forward to the day when everyone will be able to be back in church together again, but she empathised how important online services have been for many people.

She added: "They reached out to people and helped connect people."

Lynda laughed as she remembered recording one song outdoors at the picturesque Coolbuck and having to pause recording as a tractor drove past.

Gradually Lynda reduced the hymns on Facebook to a few times a week, including on a Sunday to accompany online church services. Speaking on her venture, she said: "The feedback was unbelievable [from Facebook], I had so many messages from people, and people saying it had really helped them.

"A few said, 'The hymns are great, you should put them on a CD'," added Lynda.

What resulted is Lynda's latest album which includes many beloved hymns, such as 'How Great Thou Art' and 'The Lord Is my Shepherd'.

To mark her 15 years of singing, Lynda has also included a few songs from previous albums for her listeners. However, She is not alone in her venture, as her daughter, Alice, has also joined her for a few hymns on the album.

Lynda released the album before Christmas but due to Covid-19 restrictions she has been unable to have an official launch for her CD.

However, she has been receiving positive feedback, and said: "People have been messaging me and have said it's helping them during lockdown and giving them a bit of hope."

Lynda Lindsay's latest CD can be purchased by contacting Lynda via Facebook. It will be available in the Real Life Christian bookshop in Enniskillen when the retail sector is able to open again.

Lynda continues to post hymns regularly on Facebook on her 'Lynda Lindsay' page, or the 'Lisbellaw Parish Church' page.