FOLLOWING their meeting with Bank of Ireland (BoI) management over the upcoming closures of some branches, Fermanagh and Omagh District councillors have described the decision to close the Lisnaskea BoI branch as “yet another attack on rural Fermanagh”.

On Friday, April 16, Sinn Féin’s Sheamus Greene, UUP councillor Victor Warrington, Alliance councillor Stephen Donnelly, and Independent Emmet McAleer met online with officials from the bank to discuss the Lisnaskea branch, that is due to be closed down on July 7.

In a statement, Councillor Greene pointed out that the closure will leave only one BoI branch in the whole of Fermanagh, and said it is a “cold, calculated decision” which is not for the good of the bank’s rural customers in Fermanagh.

He said: “Of the six counties, Fermanagh has the worst road infrastructure, the worst public transport and the worst broadband in the North, but BoI has deemed that Fermanagh is the county that can make do with just one branch.

“Even though the Lisnaskea branch is highly profitable, the senior management of the bank have seen fit to action it for closure.

“I believe the people have more power than they believe, and should shop around for a bank that is more loyal to the communities they operate in.

“Banks show little loyalty to the people who bailed them out a few short years ago, so we, the people and businesses in Fermanagh, should not feel guilty in looking for other options and show these big PLCs that their callous decisions can backfire and hurt even them in their financial pockets.”

Councillor Greene appealed to Bank of Ireland, even at this late stage, to reconsider its decision to close the Lisnaskea Branch.

Councillor Warrington described the decisions to close the branch as disappointing, and something that will inconvenience a lot of people.

“I appreciate that a lot of people now use online banking, but this isn’t suitable for everyone – one of the main problems being poor broadband in the area,” he said.


A spokesperson for BoI said they welcomed the opportunity to meet with members of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council to discuss the decision to close Lisnaskea branch and respond to their questions.

They said: “We are committed to engaging with all of our stakeholders on the branch changes and are keen to ensure they are kept fully updated about the alternative services available to customers – which include the use of any Bank of Ireland branch, local post office, banking online, over the telephone or our mobile app.

“Our mobile Business Banking team will also continue to support businesses in the area.

“Branch teams are also available during this transition, to help and support our customers, especially those who may need additional support.”