CURIOSITY got the better of Gerry Ledwith at an auction more than 20 years ago, with the result that he became the owner of a collection of photographs of old-time lorries, some of which would have been a familiar sight on the roads of Fermanagh in the past.

The Mayfly in Kesh was holding an auction, and Gerry – a familiar face around Enniskillen and The Golden Arrow restaurant – was on the lookout for some ruby glass and antiques, but that was not what he came away with on that day.

“I just saw the leather case in the bottom of a tea chest and curiosity got the better of me,” Gerry explained.

“The first lorry I recognised was McCauley’s cattle lorry, and then I came across F.R. Cathcarts.

“The photographs came from somebody’s garage who used to sell them [the vehicles].

“He must have kept a portfolio of whatever he was selling, and I just came across it.”

Treacy Bros., J.N. Carson, and J.J. Scallon & Sons lorries also feature in the collection.

“Scallons was a unique burgundy colour, and Carsons was grey, and their logo was an elephant on the side of a lorry.

“The old Fermanagh IL [registration] numbers attracted me as well.”

The photos are being kept in The Golden Arrow and when the restaurant reopens again, customers will be able to see the photos of the vintage vehicles when they walk through the door – just some of the many historical photos of Fermanagh curated in the town centre restaurant.