PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland (PIPS Charity) is launching a brand-new face to face mental health service for people experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties that will be piloted in Enniskillen.

Once the pilot programme is fully launched, following recruitment of a counsellor, people of all ages will be able to access free support from the PIPS Counselling team based at Asda Enniskillen’s community rooms in the near future.

PIPS is a community-based charity that supports and promotes positive mental health for anyone who has been affected by suicide or self-harm.

The charity’s services are for people who are experiencing depression, grief and loss, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger, stress, suicidal ideation, self-harming or abuse issues, and also supports children with their emotional and behavioural issues.

Renée Quinn, Executive Director, PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland, said: “We want to ensure that if someone reaches out ... when they are experiencing mental health problems, that they can get appropriate, timely, professional and effective psychological support.”

Looking to the upcoming Enniskillen-based pilot programme, Renée said: “We will be using this time to gauge the demand for face-to-face services and hopefully build towards longer-term solutions.”

Speaking on behalf of Asda Enniskillen, Simon Harron, Community Champion, and Niall Keyes, General Store Manager, said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to offer our training room to support PIPS Charity.

“It’s vital we get the help out there to those in need to all corners of Northern Ireland. It is vital the public who are struggling are made aware that there is always someone to talk to, and that they are not alone.”

A start date for this service has not yet been confirmed as PIPS is still recruiting a counsellor, with PIPS Charity inviting a qualified counsellor who would like to join the team in the Enniskillen area to contact Ciara at 02890 805 850, or email ciara@pipscharity.com.

PIPS can also be contacted via Freephone at 0800 088 6042, or email info@pipscharity.com.