THERE was a dramatic accident on the Chanterhill Road, Enniskillen last Saturday morning as a car flew through the air and rolled over the top of a parked Vauxhall Corsa, before coming to rest in the middle of the road and bursting into flames.

The driver lost control of his car, rather ironically, as he passed the Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency premises.

Heading towards Chanterhill from Enniskillen, the car veered to the right across the road, hitting the kerb at speed and taking it off into the air. It landed on the red Corsa shunting it up the road, and then rolled over the roof and tumbled into the Irvine’s Crescent junction.

Staff at the Spar shop looked on from the forecourt in horror as the car came to rest, on its back, just yards away from a young boy standing on the other side of the wall.

Had it not collided with the parked car, say eye-witnesses, there is no doubt that the out of control car would not have come to rest before the forecourt of the shop. They added that it is extremely lucky that nobody was killed.

Local residents rushed to help the driver of the car, who shouted that he was stuck, and as smoke started to rise from the shattered body of the vehicle, the man was helped out through the smashed back window. Minutes later the car burst into flames.

An ambulance was called to help the driver, and a fire engine arrived to put out the fire.