The case of an elderly man charged as part of the Fermanagh sexual abuse inquiry has been delayed while his lawyers seek medical reports.

James Balmer (85) from Cherryville, Enniskillen is accused of five counts of indecent assault on dates between 1988 and 1990.

These involve four counts against one male and a single count against another

He was due to be formally arraigned at Dungannon Crown Court today (Thursday) but did not appear.

A defence barrister said the case was not in a position to proceed at this stage as he had encountered a number of issues, including mental health concerns.

In order to protect Balmer’s rights, the defence are seeking a psychiatric assessment and a specialist has been identified.

It is expected to be some time before a report will be completed.

Judge Brian Sherrard QC agreed to adjourn proceedings for an update on 25 August.

When Balmer first appeared before Enniskillen Magistrates Court last month, the judge threw out an application to ban press from reporting his identity, with the defence claiming his rights “trump” those of media.

It was contended Balmer was at risk of suicide but it was established this was based on two sections of his GP notes dating back over a year ago.

In both instances Balmer self-reported suicidal ideation.

Having considered all papers submitted, the judge was not satisfied risk, at the required threshold of "real and imminent", was reached, based on two brief entries in the GP notes some time ago.

The judge also noted press had been "hamstrung" by the defence failure to provide the required notice for such an application.

He ruled the grounds for anonymity had not been met and such an order was “not justified.”