A MAN who was arrested following a violent rampage across Fermanagh has been granted bail.

Gediminas Beliukevicius (49), from McCurtain Street, Clones, faces 18 charges – all of which are alleged to have occurred at various times on September 30 last. He has been detained since the incident.

The defendant is accused of three charges of assault on police; two charges each of failing to stop – damage-only accident; failing to report – damage-only accident; failing to remain – damage-only accident; and one charge each of disorderly behaviour, dangerous driving, criminal damage, attempted escape from lawful custody, common assault, failing to stop for police, driving when unfit through drink/drugs, and failing to provide a specimen.

The alleged offences took place on Moorlough Road, Lisnaskea; the Belfast Road and East Bridge Street in Enniskillen.
Controlled setting

A police officer told the court they would still be objecting to bail, citing concerns about how Beliukevicius would be able to look after his mental health outside of a controlled setting such as a prison.

For his first five months in custody, Beliukevicius was detained in a mental health ward, but with his mental health under control he was moved to Maghaberry at the end of April.

Fintan McAleer, the barrister for Beliukevicius, sent the court a report from the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, which looks after Maghaberry inmates, and while it was not a psychiatric report which District Judge Steven Keown had requested, it gave a clinical opinion on the defendant.

Police said they would not be content without an address for Beliukevicius in the North, and would also request a tag be placed on Beliukevicius as well as a curfew, a surety to be given, and the prohibition of the defendant from being in the front seat of a car.
Mr. McAleer told the court his client’s address in Clones is suitable and was welcomed to be checked.

It was heard that Beliukevicius is a paranoid schizophrenic, diagnosed in 1998, and had been travelling back and forth from his home country for medication, but due to Covid-19 restrictions this was not possible, and resulted in a deterioration of his behaviour.

Mr. McAleer said this has been brought under control, and Beliukevicius is now stable and is taking his medication. He has also been accepted into a mental health clinic in Monaghan.

Judge Keown granted bail to the address in Clones, along with various conditions, with Beliukevicius due to appear in court on June 21.