Every year St. Mary's Primary School, Tempo remembers former colleague Sharon Campbell by recognising the contribution of one Primary Seven pupil to school life over the past seven years.

This person is someone who has an endearing personality and a mild manner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is top of their class in their school work or is the best sports person. Instead it is someone who can be relied upon to be responsible, trustworthy and loyal. This person will have very high standards of behaviour and consideration for others.

This year it was Lily Tunney who was presented with the Sharon Campbell Memorial Cup for best contribution to school life.

Some of the comments about Lily included a person whose words are few but when you do speak, people around you tend to listen.

Lily has deep respect of her peers ad she uses her words to always encourage, never condemn.

The Primary Seven pupil is described as quiet and unassuming who has a calming effect on others and does her best at everything even when it gets tough.

And amongst the serenity and calm, there is a "steely determination to succeed" and she often reminds people of the type of person they would like to be.