Rower Gerry Murphy is simply irrepressible.

Just when you think he has been and done it all, he heads over to the Henley Masters Regatta and bags his first ever gold medal at the world renowned rowing venue in the over 60s Single Sculls.

Indeed, this latest win comes only weeks after he won another British Masters title at Nottingham in the Double Sculls with City of Derry partner Gaetano D’Urso.

Add in the 10 Irish Single Sculls titles he has currently amassed and his standing within the rowing community is unparalled.

The Portora Boat Club rower who is also a major part of the Enniskillen Royal Boat Club success story has previously not been able to compete at Henley as it clashes with the Irish championships.

The pandemic, has however, changed timings this year allowing Gerry to compete and achieve a victory that he says “is right up there” with all he has achieved.

Gerry explained: “I was delighted to win and it was a great feeling to achieved my goal and won at the famous venue. It is right up there with anything else I have won and it was a brilliant experience. To be honest, I was happy to get to the end, it is a quite tricky passage with the posts, booms and wash from the boats.”

Indeed, Gerry pretty much dominated his three races, winning all three by clear water beating Tosic from Bentham BC in the final with five lengths to spare.

Gerry concluded by saying: “All the races went really well and it was a great feeling to cross the finish line in front.

“There is no Irish championships for the Masters this year, so my plan is to compete in the FEAR race organsed by the Council and keep working with the young rowers at the Boat Club.