A rain-free wonder

THE Right Hon. E.M. Archdale told his hearers at Ballinamallard, on Tuesday, that since he had been appointed Minister of Agriculture for Northern Ireland we have not had a day’s rain. Splendid!

Admirable enterprise

ONE must admire enterprise. At Lisbellaw on Tuesday, I saw a yard full of bicycles, fully 150 of them, all numbered and sorted. They belonged to visitors and each was kept safe for the modest sum of sixpence.

Behold lough’s bathing wisdom

MIXED bathing is most popular now on Lough Erne. At one spot near Enniskillen on Tuesday there was a crowd of 30 boys and girls in the water.

Young and old spend a long time in the water each day at Enniskillen.

As a man truly said to me the other day: “It must be like dish water.” And so it is, you are warmer in the water than in the sun.

On the matter of an oyster mystery

I MUST confess I did not know until the other day that all oysters are born of the male sex, and that in time some of these male oysters turn to be of the female gender.

It was discovered last week that a mother oyster with one million sons, evidently tired of her job, turned into a male again.

Think of the complications that would arise if some of our papas and mamas changed places! Would not the new papas have their own back on those who were their former husbands?

A necessary dive for helpful ‘medicine’

LOUGH Erne at present is much sought after, and there never were as many motor launches and boats on the lake before.

Judge of the surprise of a local doctor who in a motor boat with friends came upon a stranded motor launch, in which were five ladies.

Under the bow he espied a gentleman of the party up to his shoulders in the water, unwinding the rope of the anchor that had become caught in the propeller blade and shaft.

It was an amusing sight, a camera was produced and a snapshot taken.

Fearing the poor fellow might catch a chill after being so long in the water, the doctor produced a bottle of ‘medicine’ – which the amateur diver drank with relish when he scrambled aboard his boat, to once again get into his clothes and wear an aspect of respectability in mixed company!