A NEW book detailing and explaining the formation of the caves and limestone scenery of Northern Ireland, written and illustrated by Fermanagh residents and featuring the county, extensively was launched in the Marble Arch Caves last week (pictured).

‘Beneath Our Feet – The Caves and Limestone Scenery of the North of Ireland’, was written by Pamela and Tim Fogg from Florencecourt, and illustrated by Joe Walls and Gaby Burns.

With some dramatic photographs of much of the cave and limestone scenery in Fermanagh, clear illustrations and informative text, the book opens up views of the county rarely seen, promoting understanding of our natural world and knowledge of natural features of the county which few people will be aware of.

Pamela said the book came about as a result of a baseline study of caves and karst for the Earth Science Conservation Review, commissioned by the Environment and Heritage Service in 1995, which sparked off the idea of producing a book about this landscape in Northern Ireland, something which would have “a wide appeal”.

She added that the book will be of interest to people who live in the limestone area, so that they can know more about it, and also for visitors as well as schoolchildren and students.

Pamela also pointed out the ecological aims, saying that she and Tim wanted to “highlight the vulnerability of the caves and the limestone scenery”.