Councillor Errol Thompson, the Chairman of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, welcomed the recent opportunity to visit a major river crossing that is currently being carried out in Enniskillen by SGN Natural Gas.

The impressive large-scale works are taking place to install a natural gas pipeline across Lough Erne at the Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, with the river crossing comprising one of the largest single pieces of infrastructural development to take place in Enniskillen.

Access to mains gas is already available to a limited number of local properties as part of the continuing expansion of the distribution pipeline in the busy market town.

The Council granted approval earlier this year for the river crossing to take the live natural gas infrastructure to the town centre and surrounding areas, with construction activity commencing at the start of August, and now at the halfway point in the approximate eight weeks anticipated for the completion of the works.

The Enniskillen project represents a share of an investment of more than £250 million that is focused on offering an alternative, more efficient energy choice to consumers in eight key towns in the western area which were previously reliant on oil/solid fuel, as well as helping to tackle fuel poverty.

Welcomed the opportunity to see the river crossing works which will allow the rest of the island town to avail of natural gas, Councillor Thompson said: “The Council welcomes further investment in the new energy infrastructure which will enable local households to avail of natural gas for their home heating requirements.

"It will also help to significantly reduce carbon emissions in our district and the wider network in the western area.”

Also visiting the works, David Butler, Director of SGN Natural Gas, thanked the Council and other key stakeholders, including the Education Authority, for their engagement to progress the works.

Commenting on the works by the Lakeland Forum, he said: "Work is progressing well on the site, the playing fields and also on land near the Sligo Road which is privately owned.

"All three crossing points are critical in taking the live natural gas infrastructure to the town centre and surrounding areas.”

As part of the walkaround to see first-hand the river crossing works, guests also took a close look at some of the artworks supplied by local children to help brighten up the works.

SGN Natural Gas asked local primary school children to submit drawings of their superheroes to make the works area at the Lakeland Forum look extra special, with some of the participating young artists also in attendance see their community artwork on display.

As part of the visit and walkaround, the gas company presented a £500 cheque donation, in recognition of the children’s efforts, to local charity MindWise, to help support the Family Wellness project’s services based in Fermanagh House.

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