ENNISKILLEN Guardians met on Tuesday, with Mr. J. M. Geddes, Chairman, presiding.

The report of the School Inspector on the Workhouse school was read and he stated that the efficiency of the instruction given in the school was particularly good.

The list of subjects taught in the school having been read out, Mr. Nethercott said the children should be taught the Irish language, as they were living in Ireland.

Chairman – The Irish language is all nonsense. What good will it be to the people who are learning it?

Mr. Nethercott – A man who knows two languages is mentally a better man that one who only knows one.

‘Irish language is only a fad’

Chairman – Not that kind of language. There are no words in the Irish language that correspond with the English language. There are no Irish words except townlands. It is only a fad, the whole thing.

Mr. Nethercott – The children should be taught the Irish language.

Chairman – It would be better for them to know their native language first.

Mr. Nethercott – People do not know where they are living when they do not know the Irish language, which is their native language. There are many Guardians in this room who do not know the names of the townlands in which they are living.

The Chairman – I am afraid you are under a mistake.

Mr. Nethercott – For instance what is Conrnagrade, the place in which this workhouse is situated?

The Chairman – I could easily find out.

Mr. Nethercott – Oh you could find out.

The Chairman – I never learned the Irish language and never will.

The matter dropped.