DESPITE conditions that weren’t great for angling, the 41st Lough Melvin Open was still a great success recently.

The event reeled in anglers from all across the island of Ireland and farther afield, all hooked by their shared interest in fishing, with this year’s event proving a hit despite the conditions.

This year’s event was held across four days, with an extra day added to help comply with Covid-19 restrictions, ensuring that as many interested anglers as possible could take part.

And many there were, with 318 boats taking to the lough across the four days, offering some good fishing despite the poor conditions, pleasing the anglers.

With a turnout that was even greater than the organisers had expected, the whole event was deemed a great success by Garrison Lough Melvin Anglers Association Chairman Terry McGovern, who was very pleased with the excellent turnout – a testament to the timeless allure of fishing, and the notable quality of angling in the area.