A man and woman who made off without paying at an Enniskillen town centre restaurant have been given suspended sentences.

Nellie Crumlish (19), of Woodview Crescent, Trillick and Owen Joseph Ward (21), of Yoan Road, Enniskillen were convicted of making off without paying.

On September 18, 2020, the court heard a phone call was made to Little Wing Pizzeria in Enniskillen which was answered by the assistant manger.

Hair in meal allegation

The customer on the phone who called herself ‘Lily’ said the last time they were in the restaurant there was a hair in their meal and they had been advised of a free replacement meal the next time.

The assistant manager spoke to the restaurant manager who said this was not policy.

A short time later two males and a female came into the restaurant with the female identifying herself as ‘Lily’.

They were told to take a seat and they ordered a meal, which came to £60.15, and ate it before leaving without paying. The restaurant manager looked back on the CCTV was able to identify Crumlish as someone who had been in before.

No comment

Ward and Crumlish were interviewed about the incident but gave no comment answers.

Gary Black, representing both defendants, said the facts were read out clearly and it was accepted they left without paying.

As he went on to talk about there being some cofusion about a compensatory meal due to the earlier phone call, District Judge Steven Keown interjected: “I don’t believe any of that confusion nonsense.”

‘Wangle’ free meal

Judge Keown said it was in his view that this case was people who were too smart for their own good and were trying to “wangle” a free meal.

He warned Crumlish that any further offending would see her end up in prison before handing her a five month prison sentence suspended for two years and to pay £30.15 in restitution.

Ward received a two month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and was ordered to pay £30 in restitution.