Exasperated residents of Drumclay Court, Enniskillen are still waiting for the roads within their development to be completed, commenting that large potholes that have formed at the site are hazardous.

The unfinished roads issue was first reported to this newspaper by concerned residents in February, 2020.

Raising the issue again this week, a frustrated resident of Drumclay Court said: "It's almost as if the building project has been totally abandoned over the last year.

"There hasn't been any attempt to fill in any holes, even temporarily. There has been no contact from the developer, there has been no support given to any of the residents by the developer.

"It's got to the point as well that there's a lot of young children [here now], there must be a good 20 or 30 young children that live within the community in here and they are out running around.

"My own son was out running around and he tripped on a pothole and hurt his hand," said the resident.

In a previous article, published in February this year, a representative of the developer, Jim Tummon, assured that surfacing works would be completed when the developer received final approval from NI Water regarding improvements made to the sewers in the development.

In a subsequent recent statement to The Impartial Reporter, made on Tuesday, September 14, a NI Water spokesperson said: “NI Water can confirm that we have adopted the sewers within Drumclay Court, Enniskillen.

"This adoption of the site from the developer had taken place in March after a thorough inspection confirmed that the developer had completed all the required work.”

This newspaper also contacted the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) regarding the surfacing works and the potential adoption of the road.

A DfI spokesperson said: “The current developer has confirmed that he intends to complete the surfacing of the roads. The Department continues to liaise with him and is seeking confirmation of the timescale for completion of these works.”

There may be light at the end of the tunnel as the developer, Mr. Tummon, says that surfacing works, to be undertaken by the contractor, FP McCann, are to begin next week.

Mr. Tummon told this newspaper: "I've been told by FP McCann ... they're supposed to be doing it [surfacing] next week."

Echoing this, a representative of FP McCann told The Impartial Reporter that they have informed Mr. Tummon that works on the road will take place next week, but could not confirm an exact start date.