LOCKDOWN had prevented Fermanagh-based poet Teresa Godfrey from officially launching her poetry collection, 'This Also, Is Mercy', but the former North Coast resident was finally able to launch her book on familiar turf on September 17 as part of Culture Night celebrations in Ballycastle – Northern Ireland's only 'Poetry Town'.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Teresa said: "Due to Covid-19, we were unable to have proper, public launches until now.

"Ballycastle was the perfect venue for me because I lived there before moving to Enniskillen. I am well-known in writing circles in the North Antrim area, having tutored Creative Writing classes in Ballycastle, Ballymoney, and Ballymena for more than 20 years.

"Ballycastle is the only Poetry Town in Northern Ireland. It was lovely to go back and meet up with my friends from the Creative Writing groups and read to a capacity crowd in the Sheskburn Centre."

Teresa has been on tour with her poetry and recently took it to events in Cavan. She said: "The previous week I was delighted to be invited to read at one of the opening events for Bailieborough Poetry Town.

"It was such a pleasure to read to a live audience after so long having to make do with Zoom online meetings. I love seeing people's reactions when I'm reading, and you're just not as aware of that online.

"Also, I love when people come up to me afterwards and chat about my poems."

This weekend, Fermanagh audiences will be able to hear Teresa's poetry as part of Fermanagh Live (FLive) events. She added: "My next reading will be for FLive on October 2 in the Ardhowen Theatre, when I will again be joined by fellow poet, John D. Kelly."

The event will be compered by Kate Newmann from Summer Palace Press.

The 'Three for Joy: Evening of Poetry and Music' Teresa, John and internationally-acclaimed musician Desi Wilkinson will take place at the Ardhowen on Saturday, October 2 at 5pm; tickets are priced £8.