The outdated street trading act of 1929 is being replaced and moves to see the new act established by the new year will be discussed at the Fermanagh District Council meeting nest week.

The new street trading act which is soon to come into force will result in mobile traders being required to have a licence.

Fermanagh District Council is also now to designate areas which it would see a suitable for street trading or where there is a demand. It will be for within those areas that street trading licences will be issued.

“Belleek is an example where there are a number of markets. That sort of thing isn’t going to change. Where change comes is where somebody wanted to set up a stall in the middle of Ballinamallard, where there is no street trading. The Council would not grant a licence there because that isn’t designated,” explained the Director of Environmental Health, Robert Forde.

“However, I would imagine annually they would look at things if there is a need for any more, and from the converse point of view where people may say we do not want street trading,” he said.

“The bigger change in legislation is in respect of mobile traders. Until now, mobile traders did not need a licence. That now changes under the new legislation,” he said.

While fees have not been established, it is likely the fees will go up from the £20 annual cost.