Lillian Ryan’s friends must be quackers – they think this humble potato looks remarkably like a duck.

Weighing just an ounce short of three pounds, the tuber is undoubtedly a mammoth, though clearly not of the hairy elephant kind. It was certainly a ‘turnip’ for Lillian because she and husband, Alistair, do not have a garden, as such.

In fact, until this year, they had nowhere to plant vegetables at their home on Crom Estate.

However, they saw potential in an old water tank which had lain abandoned since the dark days of World War II. After planting, the distinctive leaves of potatoes emerged.

Lillian took a look and came across the potato: “It looks like a duck, with its legs swimming behind it.”

Sadly, Donald the spud has had his chips. “It’s rotten,” admitted Lillian.