The doors on the Western Health and Social Care Trust’s three Covid-19 mass vaccination centres will open again for one weekend only ­– this Saturday and Sunday - to deliver thousands of second dose vaccine jabs.

More than 2,500 people received their first dose vaccination from the Western Trust at the ‘Big Jab Weekend’ event in August and now, eight weeks on from that first jab, those people will return to the Foyle Arena in Londonderry, the Lakeland Forum in Enniskillen, and Omagh Leisure Complex to receive their second dose.

In addition, the Trust is encouraging anyone who for whatever reason has not yet received a second dose, or who may have missed their scheduled appointment, to also come forward this weekend to receive their second jab.

The only group who will be able to avail of a first dose jab this weekend are those aged 16-17, as the drive continues to encourage this particular age group to come forward for vaccination.

Karen Hargan, Western Trust HR Director and Vaccination Programme Lead, admitted that this weekend will be the latest massive test for the vaccination teams, but insisted that they will once again rise to the challenge.

She said: “The first Big Jab Weekend saw our teams deliver an incredible 2,500 first dose vaccinations over two days.

“Those were outstanding numbers, and we could be looking at even higher rates this time around.

“However, our vaccination teams time and time again have risen to the challenge when called upon, and this week will be no different.

“I would encourage everyone and anyone who has not yet received a second dose vaccination to take this opportunity to do so.

“If you missed your second dose appointment for whatever reason, this is the most accessible way for you to ensure you are fully vaccinated.

“Just come along to one of our three centres and our staff will be happy to help.

“Vaccination is saving lives. When we get jabbed, we are protecting ourselves, protecting others and protecting the health service.

“Vaccination is the single biggest contribution people can make to getting normality back.

“It helps opens doors to nights out, travel, music and sports events and to so many other things we have missed so much in the last 18 months.”

The Western Trust’s mass vaccination centres will be open to the public this weekend as follows:

Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen - Saturday, October 16, 9am to 5pm; and Sunday, October 17, 9am to 5pm;

Foyle Arena, Londonderry - Saturday, October 16, 9am to 7pm; and Sunday, October 17, 9am to 7pm; and

Omagh Leisure Complex - Saturday, October 16, 9am to 5pm.

Anyone attending a vaccination clinic is reminded to wear a face covering (unless exempt for medical reasons), to adhere to social distancing rules, and to bring along their Health and Care Number (HCN) and photographic ID, if possible.