FIVE exceptional female leaders, all originally from County Fermanagh, have been featured as part of a decorated line-up of inspirational women from around the world in a brand-new book aimed at inspiring women to become women of power.

Curated by multi-award-winning entrepreneur and Evolve founder Mairead Mackle, who originally hails from Fermanagh but now lives in Armagh, the book documents personal stories from a diverse group of women who have led the way in their industries, offering fascinating leadership insights that are both refreshing and inspiring.

Representing the West, the book includes chapters authored by human rights champion Mary Busk, founder of Mental Wealth International Emma Weaver, Serenity Press founder and writer Karen McDermott, Woodford Dental Care founder Anne D’Cruz, and Mairead Mackle herself.

With a focus on motivating and inspiring readers, each chapter features tips on nurturing important leadership qualities, such as vision, passion, and determination from within and adapting personal leadership styles to become a more effective, confident leader.

The book was launched at the Women in Business (WIBNI) Annual Conference in Killeavy Castle this month, and unlocks the secrets to becoming a successful leader as told through the voice and experience of some of the world’s most respected, creative and innovative female leaders.

Commenting at the global launch event, Mairead said: “I have always believed in the power of female leadership and have been inspired by the fact that women lead with purpose, courage, and conviction.

"As a female entrepreneur, I love to champion and support female representation at every opportunity, acutely aware of how much women contribute both to the economy and within their communities.

"[As such,] 'Voices of Leadership' was inspired by our growing Evolve community, the inspirational women I have met on my journey, to date, and the stories they have to share.

"With this book, I’m thrilled to go back to my roots and feature authors from Fermanagh as part of a collective global voice.

"The fact that five authors all hail from the area is reflective of the amazing entrepreneurial spirit we have here in Fermanagh, as well as our resilience and determination, all of which are all key leadership skills.”

Featuring commentary from a total of 16 notable female leaders across the globe, 'Evolve: Voices of Leadership' celebrates women who have dared to see a bigger vision, taken risks and stepped through their comfort zone with courage and conviction to achieve their dreams.

Mairead and her co-authors aim to inspire and empower more women to reach their full potential by taking steps towards their own success with confidence.