THERE were plenty of smiles on colourful powder paint -stained faces as members of the local community took part in a charity colour run at the Devenish Partnership Forum Nature Reserve in Kilmacormick, Enniskillen on Saturday, November 13.

Runners and participants sent off in pristine white T-shirts – but their clothes, and faces, sported a dizzying range of colours and hues by the end of their event, after being liberally doused in coloured powder at several stages along the route.

The event was organised by the young people from the Heroes Project, based at the Devenish Partnership Forum.

Participants on the project identified two charities that they wanted to raise money for: Friends of the Cancer Centre, and Microtia UK.

Sean Paul Curry, a Youth Worker with the Devenish Partnership Forum’s Heroes Project, said: “One of the young people in the group, who has Microtia, wanted to give back to a charity that means so much to her.

“This meant her friends were really enthusiastic about raising money for a charity that had a personal attachment to her.”

The event was a huge success and one that the Devenish Partnership will try to run annually, following excellent feedback from participants and people in the local community.

The Heroes project is Funded by Peace IV Programme and Managed by Special EU Programmes Body.