A man who allegedly punched a 74-year-old man outside his home has been remanded in custody.

Jordan Beckett (19), with an address of Coolcullen Meadow, Enniskillen, but appearing via video link from Omagh Custody Suite, was arrested for common assault following the alleged incident on January 7.

A police officer told the court they had received a report around 11.20am from a neighbour of the 74-year-old, who found him lying on the ground.

The injured party stated he was inside his home when he saw a male and female looking into his car.

He went out and asked them why they were looking into his car, and the male responded but he could not make out what he was saying because he was “going mad”.


The injured party then put up his crutch to protect himself, and it was at this point Beckett allegedly punched him on the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

He gave a description of the male to police, which matched that of Beckett, and 30 minutes later he was arrested on the Cornagrade Road.

Beckett made no reply after caution, but made a statement when being brought to custody, including stating the “elderly gentleman” came out at him and asked what he was looking at in the car and called the injured party a “stupid c***”.

During interview, Beckett said he was looking at his reflection in the car when the 74-year-old man came out with his crutch, and he hit him in self defence.

Police were opposing bail for Beckett due to risk of reoffending, interference with witnesses and committing further offences.

An officer pointed out this alleged assault had been carried out whilst on bail for another serious assault, and they felt he was highly likely to commit further offences.


They pointed out that Beckett’s “current escalating behaviour” was a risk to the public, and due to continued use of drugs his behaviour had deteriorated.

Defence barrister, Ciaran Roddy, said he accepted it was a “difficult application for bail” to make, but that Beckett could be managed on “stringent conditions”.

He said that as “distasteful as the case is, the reality is no injuries have been listed to the court”.

District Judge Steven Keown said Beckett had a very bad record and the alleged assault was committed while on bail on a more serious assault, and therefore he refused bail, adjourning the matter until February 7.