The PSNI have issued an update into the long-running historical sex abuse investigation in Fermanagh.

Detective Superintendent Gary Reid said: “Investigations into historical child sexual abuse in Co. Fermanagh remain ongoing – this is very much a live investigation.

“Working with and supporting victims to provide their evidence is central to this work and specialist child abuse detectives are diligently working with victims and gathering and reviewing evidence.

“Files continue to be forwarded to the PPS in the hope of securing successful convictions.”

According to the latest police update, the PSNI are currently investigating 58 cases in total against 61 suspects, 13 of whom are now deceased, with six remaining unknown as they have are yet to be identified.

The investigation into historical sex abuse in Enniskillen began in 2019 when The Impartial Reporter launched a long-running investigation, led by former Impartial Reporter journalist Rodney Edwards.

Newly released figures from the PSNI reveal that there are 49 victims involved across the 58 cases. Four cases remain open, with two of these still subject to investigative enquiries.

Two of those accused of historic sex abuse are going to trial, according to the figures shared from the PSNI.

The update shows that 54 cases have file pending further evidence (FPFE), or have been transferred to another trust/unit for progression; 18 files from the PSNI have been submitted to the PPS; and 14 arrests have taken place since the PSNI began their investigation into historic child sex abuse in Fermanagh, with 11 of these arrests made in August, 2020, across Co. Fermanagh, areas of Londonderry and Belfast.

Det. Supt. Reid added: “I would encourage anyone who has been a victim to please come forward and speak to us.

“You do not need to come into a police station to make a report. You can report directly to us via 101, or through a dedicated email address at, and detectives, who are specially trained in this work, will arrange to meet you at a time and place that best suits you. You will be treated with the utmost sensitivity, care and respect. Please don’t suffer in silence – there are specially trained professionals who can help you.”

Updated figures:

• 58 cases in total

• 49 victims

• 61 suspects

• 13 suspects are deceased, and 6 unknown, as they are yet to be identified

• 54 cases classed as FPFE, or transferred to another trust/unit for progression; 18 submitted to the PPS

• 4 cases remain open (2 with investigative enquiries)

• 2 cases going to trial

• 14 arrests