Balcas, formerly Ballycassidy Sawmills, celebrates its 60th anniversary in August this year. The company is marking this milestone with a celebratory publication which recalls its development over the years.

A Balcas spokeswoman said: "To this end, we are seeking input from individuals and businesses who can add flavour to our story from their viewpoint as a stakeholder; be it customer, haulier, supplier, business partner and most especially retired staff members.

Balcas is looking for memories, stories, anecdotes, photos, clippings and/or events which shaped its history.

"We are particularly focusing in on employees in order to gather memories about the early years or staff from that time which adds detail and colour to our story," said the Balcas spokeswoman, adding: "We have engaged James McCanny, a local storyteller to host a series of informal workshops, where valued former and long-standing employees can get together and reminisce over tea and buns so that these impressions may be captured forever."

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These informal workshops will run for six weeks on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm and will take place in a suitable venue depending on numbers.

However, the first session, on Tuesday, May 3 will include a tour of Balcas so that those who attend can see the changes that have taken place.

"If you are interested in attending and providing your invaluable input, please let Roisin McManus know by Tuesday 26th April so we can make suitable arrangements. You can telephone 02866 411122 or email

"Anyone is welcome to contribute, whether a neighbour or a supplier, and we would very much appreciate you taking the time to add to our celebrations by whichever means you prefer.

"If you have a story to tell and would prefer to do it directly, please get in touch," said the Balcas spokeswoman.