In an election where Sinn Féin took the largest first preference vote and the electorate voted for a Nationalist First Minister, it was pretty much as you were in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

FermanahJemma Dolan (SF) topped the poll and was elected after the first count with 9,067 votes. 

After her election, Miss Dolan said she was ready to get back to work and thanked all those who voted for her.

She had to wait until Stage Six of the count before she was joined by the second MLA.

Former UUP leader, Tom Elliott, eventually made it over the quota, thanks to transfers from his cousin and TUV candidate, Alex Elliott. In doing so, he replaced his running mate and outgoing MLA Rosemary Barton, who was eliminated earlier in the count.

Mr. Elliott said he was going to work for "fairer representation" for the west of Northern Ireland. In his acceptance speech, he accepted there was a long road ahead.

Colm Gildernew and Áine Murphy of Sinn Féin were the next to reach the quota with Deborah Erskine taking the last seat.

Mr. Gildernew spoke of creating a future and working for the North while Miss Murphy was ready to get to work on Monday.

Mrs. Erksine paid tribute to her predecessor and friend, Arlene Foster during her acceptance speech.

Derek Backhouse (Ind), Emma DeSouza (Ind), Donal O'Cofaigh (CCLA), Kellie Turtle (Greens), Emmett Kilpatrick (PBP) and Denise Mullen (Aontú) were all eliminated after the first stage.

They were followed by Mrs. Barton, Matthew Beaumont (Alliance), Adam Gannon (SDLP) and Paul Bell (DUP).

With Sinn Féin set to win the most seats, Deputy Leader Michelle O'Neill said she and her MLAs will be in Stormont on Monday ready to go to work.

It puts the ball firmly in the court of the DUP who are the second-largest party in Northern Ireland and therefore the party that has to nominate a Deputy First Minister. 

But as their leader, Jeffrey Donaldson has said before, it does not look like this will be the case.

For Alliance, the surge continued as they increased their vote share to 13.5 per cent (+4.5 per cent).

While Mr. Beaumont was eliminated, the Alliance vote grew in the constituency.

SDLP candidate Adam Gannon was tipped as possibly taking a seat in Fermanagh and South Tyrone from Sinn Féin but it did not materialise and he was eliminated after the seventh stage.

For the TUV, while Alex Elliott was eliminated he did manage to quadruple his party's vote in the constituency.

It has not been a good election for either the SDLP or UUP who have both seen their vote share drop.