The Classic Fishing Festival Fermanagh 2022 got underway in wet conditions on Monday with 167 anglers battling it out for the overall first prize of £5,000.

Sponsored by Waterways Ireland and organised by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, the famous event on the shores of Lough Erne is returning after a two year absence due to the pandemic and certainly the break has not dampened the enthusiasm or failed to attract a large influx of anglers.

They will do battle with a large local contingent including the winner the last time the event was held, James O'Doherty from Enniskillen.

James is placed 74th after day one with a catch of 2.75kgs while well known local angler Tony Kersley is one of the well placed home anglers in 17th following a catch of 11.150 kgs.

The top catch on day one was 36.23kgs by Graham Jones who leads the way. The competition continues on Wednesday and Friday and there are sure to be plenty of changes before then.

Top 20 scores after Day One

1 Graham Jones 36.230kgs; 2 Jan‐Willi Kupperschmidt 33.205kgs; 3 Graham Jolley 27.650; 4 Stephen Horn 19.150; 5 Ben Rafferty 17.450; 6 Markus Billen 16.550; 7 Mark Godfrey 15.100; 8 Colin Lane 15.050; 9 Roy Marshall 14.400; 10 Paul Boothby 14; 11 Les Holtzer 14; 12 Sean Ashby 13.900; 13 James Mills 13.700; 14 Graham Ault 12.810; 15 Michael Peter 11.700; 16 Malcolm Brown 11.160; 17 Tony Kersley 11.150; 18 Dara Finnegan 10.700; 19 Simon Young 10.470; 20 Ian Wise 9.250.

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In Day Two, on Wednesday, anglers returned with continued excitement and eager to begin to the daily draw. The hotspots were named and the friendly competitin began to show. The weather was much more pleasant and some excellent catches were made.

Well-known local angler, James O'Doherty finished second with a total catch of 23.48kgs from his peg in Rossahilly.

He finished behind Paul Eyers who landed 27.630kgs from his peg at Boa Island. 

Top 20 scores on Day Two

1 Paul Eyres 27.630kg; 2 James O'Doherty 23.480kgs; 3 Mick Smith 20.300kgs; 4 Richard Hoskins 17.350kgs; 5 Carl Fawley 16.450kgs; 6 Matthew Hodgetts 16.400kgs; 7 William Richardson 11.970kgs; 8 Nick Seddon 11.750kgs; 9 Matthew Hall 11.550kgs; 10 Martyn Bendall 11.420kgs; 11 David Boyle 10.175kgs; 12 Mark Godfrey 10.100kgs; 13 Paul Clark 9.900kgs; 14 Pete Bagshaw 9.340kgs; 15 Paul Boothby 9.300kgs; 16 Robert Parker 9kgs; 17 Nigel Franks 8.980kgs; 18 Brian Nesbitt 8.600kgs; 19 Andrew Dargue 7.800kgs; 20 Dave Slater 7.500kgs.

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