A driver who failed to stop for police who had observed a defective headlight said he “panicked”.

On November 27 last, at around 6.30am police were on mobile patrol at the Irvinestown Road, Enniskillen.

They observed a vehicle with a defective headlight travelling in the direction of the town centre.

At Queen Street, police indicated for the car to pull over, but this was ignored and a pursuit commenced, in which the suspect drove through a red light and failed to stop for police.

The registration of the car showed it belonged to Niall Dooris (45), of Tarmon Brae, Enniskillen, who was the only person insured to drive it.

During an interview, Dooris did not disclose who the driver was, but did accept he owned the car, and then made no comment to other questions.

Described as a “foolish approach” by District Judge Steven Keown, Dooris’ solicitor Barry Lynam accepted that.

Mr. Lynam said Dooris was remorseful and “simply panicked”, and the matter got out of hand.

Judge Keown said it was a foolish mistake by Dooris that was at last rectified, and gave him credit for his guilty plea.

For breaching a traffic sign, having a defective light and failing to stop for police, Dooris received three penalty points and £300 in fines.