THE disgraceful conduct of many farmers on last Enniskillen fair day, in exposing their cattle for sale on the side walks, making the town filthy, and when asked to desist doing so, refused, was discussed at the Enniskillen Urban Council on Monday last.

The Chairman (Mr. Whaley) thought that the Council interfering in this matter was very touchy. It was not their duty to interfere.

Mr. Cooper – It is our duty. The toll is collected from all selling cattle, and there is no reason why we should have to incur expense in cleaning up the town after every fair.

Chairman – It is a matter for the police or Mr. Browne.

Mr. Clarke – Surely we should have some consideration for the people paying the rates.

Chairman – If there is an obstruction caused, it is for the police.

Mr. Cooper – It is for the sanitary authority and you are that.

Mr. Kirkpatrick – The Council should see that the police do their duty. This conduct happened right under the eyes of the County Inspector.

Chairman – We as an urban council should refrain from coming into conflict with the farmers.

Mr. Cooper – Suppose some one starts a fair in your own shop door.

Chairman – But they won’t.

(This is what did occur in the case of householders and shopkeepers in Belmore Street. The cattle actually soiled the entrances to shops, and inside the shops, and children were prevented from going to school – Ed. I.B.J.)

Mr. Gilgunn suggested that the members of the council go down to the next fair with ash pleats and see that the sidewalks are kept clear.

Mr. Clarke – The police should be asked to keep at least the footpaths clear. Children should be entitled to use them and go to school.