A Rosslea man has been refused bail following a breach of bail conditions which prohibited him from contacting the alleged victim in the case against him.

When refusing the application for bail, District Judge Steven Keown said Ciaran Cassidy (37), of Bruscarnagh Road, Rosslea, had little or no regard for bail and treated it “with disdain”.

Cassidy was arrested following the alleged breach of bail of contacting the injured party, which was in place in four cases against him.

He was further charged with a domestic abuse offence and intimidation of a witness at Enniskillen Magistrates Court on Monday for other incidents which are alleged to have taken place between July 4 and 30.

The alleged victim contacted police saying she had been contacted by Cassidy, who had left two voicemails for her on July 4, while she also received Snapchat messages from someone who knew Cassidy and had been “hurting too”.

There was also a Snapchat call from someone who she believed was the defendant on July 20.

The injured party also claimed Cassidy had “guilted” her into going to his house by convincing her she was a bad person.

She also claimed she was scared as Cassidy wanted the pair to move in together as she would have “no voice” and it would trigger the “cycle of abuse” again.

On July 30, Cassidy was arrested for the breaches and new domestic abuse offences.

Cassidy denied making contact with police, and when asked about the July 4 incident said he could not recall.

Police were objecting to bail over fears of further offences and interfering with the witness.

Cassidy’s solicitor, Michael Fahy, refuted the breach and pointed out that at an earlier court hearing the Snapchat allegations had not been proven, while the other allegations had not been mentioned.

He said the alleged victim had arrived at Cassidy’s house unannounced, and his mother was able to corroborate this.

Mr. Fahy added Cassidy wanted nothing to do with the alleged victim, and said that she was an unreliable witness.

But the submissions were in vain as Judge Keown said Cassidy was well aware of the bail conditions, and breached them by contacting the injured party.

He said there was little or no regard for bail and it was not effective. He remanded Cassidy in custody to appear again on August 15.