New bilingual signage has been erected in Enniskillen town centre as part of the Public Realm Scheme.

The signage, located at High Street, gives directions to various parts of the town including the library, Enniskillen Workhouse and the Buttermarket, in both Irish and English.

Sinn Féin Councillor for Enniskillen, Tommy Maguire, believes the new signage is a “positive and certainly a progressive step” that the Irish language is becoming more visible in Enniskillen.

“I believe the signage is a tremendous addition to the town, and I, along with everyone in the Irish language community, welcome the promotion and normalisation of the language, particularly in such an eloquent way as this.

“It should serve as a reminder that An Ghaeilge is very much a thriving language.”

Councillor Maguire pointed out the link between many of the locations and places in Fermanagh to the Irish language, saying: “The overwhelming majority of the names around us come from our native language, and so it is only right that the language should be encouraged.

“After all, we wouldn’t even have the name for ‘Enniskillen’ or ‘Fermanagh’ without the original Irish of Inis Ceithleann, and Fear Manach.

“It is indicative of the cultural maturity now taking place within the Council, and in anticipation of the work that will be progressed when the Irish language commissioner takes office in Stormont.”