There was keen interest in the poultry section, which attracted plenty of admirers on the Wednesday of Fermanagh County Show. 

Poultry enthusiasts from all across Northern Ireland gathered to await the outcome of judging by Brian King from Ballymena. 

The poultry championship went to Ryan McLaren from Dromore, while the most points in the poultry section went to Andrew Kerr from Fivemiletown. 
Cups and Trophies  
Poultry Championship – Ryan McLaren, Dromore; Reserve – James Weatherup, Carrickfergus. 
Thompson Cup, winner of under 12 class – Samuel Kerr, Fivemiletown. 
Ina Byers Cup, best bird in the poultry section – Ryan McLaren. 
Veitch Cup, best White Wyandotte – Andrew Kerr. 
Laymore Trophy, most points in the poultry section – Andrew Kerr. 

Large Fowl Section 
Any variety soft feather heavy breed male/female – 1, Ryan McLaren; 2, Ryan McLaren; 3 Andrew Kerr. 
Soft feather light breed – 1, James Weatherup; 2, Andrew Kerr; 3, Andrew Kerr. 
Large hard feather – 1, Richard Ogle, Ballinamallard. 
Rare Breed 
Any variety rare breed – 1, Andrew Kerr; 2, Andrew Kerr; 3, Louise Bleakley, Irvinestown. 
Bantam Section 
Any variety soft feather heavy breed bantam – 1, Andrew Kerr, Fivemiletown; 2, Joe Wiggam, Ballygawley; 3, Ryan McLaren, Dromore. 
Soft feather light breed bantam – 1, James Weatherup, Carrickfergus; 2, James Weatherup; 3, James Weatherup. 
True bantam – 1, Ryan McLaren; 2, Ryan McLaren; 3, Ryan McLaren. 
Game/old English game bantam – 1, Ryan McLaren; 2, James Weatherup. 

Junior Classes 
Entry by child age 12 to 16 – 1, 2 and 3, Matthew Kerr, Fivemiletown. 
Entry by child under 12 years – 1, Samuel Kerr, Fivemiletown; 2, Joshua Kerr; 3, Isabella Kerr, Fivemiletown. 
Any variety heavy breed drake/duck – 1, Ryan McLaren; 2, Ryan McLaren. 
Any variety light breed drake/duck – 1,2 and 3, Ryan McLaren. 
Miniature breed drake/duck – 1, Matthew Kerr; 2, Matthew Kerr; 3, Ryan McLaren. 

Best exhibit – Joan Nelson; Reserve – Andrew Kerr. 
Brown hen eggs – 1, Joan Nelson; 2, Andrew Kerr, Fivemiletown; 3, Andy McKenzie.  
White hen eggs – 1 and 2, Andrew Kerr; 3, Brian McWilliams.  
Duck eggs – 1, Noel Coffey; 2, Murdo McKenzie; 3, Charlie McKenzie.  
Five eggs of any named species – 1, Andrew Kerr; 2, Brian McWilliam, Fermanagh; 3, Lord and Lady Belmore.