A local man is hoping he can put the building blocks in place to get Lego to open its first ever store in Northern Ireland, right here in Fermanagh.

With the upcoming opening of Lego's flagship store in Dublin, and the company saying they are open to the possibility of a store in Northern Ireland, Matt Beaumont took the initiative to get in touch with Lego and tell the beloved international company why Fermanagh is the perfect place for its first store in Northern Ireland.

He said: "I found somewhere on social media that they were opening up a store in Dublin and they had not said no to the idea of a store in Northern Ireland.

"And to me, I went, 'That is just the perfect fit for Fermanagh'. When you think of Lego, you think of creating your dreams and making things happen out of nothing, and just whatever is in your head is possible if you can build it.

"Fermanagh is full of really quite rather well-known poets and literary-type people that have come out of this part of the world, and also it's just a very beautiful part of the world."

So with this in mind, Matt took to LinkedIn and found email addresses for Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Directors of Lego, and sent them a 1,500-word essay on why the county deserved to be the place for Northern Ireland's first Lego store.

And of the back of that, his email was forwarded to Lego's Head of Store Locations, and he hopes to have a meeting in the coming weeks with them to discuss it all.

Matts very own Lego model.

Matt's very own Lego model.

Although it is in the early stages and nothing is guaranteed, Matt believes that trying to attract global brands to the county is one step toward attracting more people to live, work or visit here.

"I want global brands here, because Fermanagh and Tyrone is home; [these places] are where my boys are growing up, and I don’t want to have to go to Belfast every time they want to play with Lego – I want it to be somewhere different.

"This is one step on a very, very long journey. At the end of the day, Lego didn’t say no to Northern Ireland, so why not Enniskillen? It deserves as much of a chance as Belfast.

"I would love conversations [about getting a store here] to continue, because Lego would be an amazing employer to have in Northern Ireland. Why can't Fermanagh have this?" Matt asked.

At the moment, Matt is trying to piece it all together, just as you do with Lego, and hopes it all fits the company's plans. As Lego is all about sparking your imagination, Matt is hoping he can do that for the benefit of Fermanagh.