THE Honey Show organised by Fermanagh Beekeepers’ Association at Florence Court House was well supported again this year with the judge, Jim Fletcher, announcing his placings in each class on Sunday, August 28.

The Show was open to the public both on Sunday afternoon and on Bank Holiday Monday when beekeepers and honey producers explained the various processes involved as well as highlighting the beneficial properties of honey.

The number of entries were close to the record entries received during 2019, with the results as follows.

Two Jars Light Honey: 1st, Thomas McCaffrey; 2nd, Seamus Murphy; 3rd, Kelley Harris.

Two Jars Medium Honey: 2nd, Attracta Jones; 3rd, Jorgen Pederson.

Two Sections of honey: 1st, Paddy Galligan (Dickie Trophy); 2nd, Matt Cody; 3rd, Mal Jones.

Two Cut Combs: 1st, William Martin; 2nd, Attracta Jones; 3rd, Paddy Galligan.

Frame for Extraction: 1st, Thomas McCaffrey (Moore Trophy); 2nd, David Stewart; 3rd, Mal Jones.

Two Jars Chunk Honey: 1st, Mal Jones; 2nd, Attracta Jones; 3rd, Charlie Dunleavy.

Jar of Honey (tasting): 1st, Mal Jones; 2nd, Robert Keys; 3rd, Brian Dane.

Block of Beeswax: 1st, Attracta Jones; 2nd, Mal Jones; 3rd, Thomas McCaffrey.

Two Small Blocks Beeswax: 1st, Seamus Murphy; 2nd, Lorraine Wild; 3rd, Attracta Jones.

Beekeeping Aid: 1st, Brenda Monaghan; 2nd, May Monaghan.

Craft Item: 1st, Brenda Monaghan; 2nd, Mary Monaghan; 3rd, Robyn McCaffrey.

Plain Honey Cake: 1st, Charlie Dunleavy; 2nd, Janet McAllister.

Fruit Honey Cake: 1st, Janet McAllister.

Novice: Two Jars of Honey: 1st, Kelley Harris (Flanagan Trophy); 3rd, Ann Orr.

Beeswax-based Product: 1st, Attracta Jones; 2nd, Mal Jones; 3rd, Charlie Dunleavy.

Bottle of Mead: 1st, Mal Jones; 2nd, Brian Dane; 3rd, Lorna Dane.

Honey biscuits or cookies: 1st, Charlie Dunleavy; 2nd, Robert Keys.

Highest Aggregate points and Vaughan Cup: Mal Jones.