A charity sheep sale will take place next week to raise vital funds for the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance.
The sale which will take place next Tuesday at the Ulster Farmers Mart in Enniskillen has been organised by Peter Collum (21) from Letterbreen. Peter was injured in a farm accident in May this year and although he did not need the help of the Air Ambulance, he is aware of how vital the service is to many people in this rural community. 
Speaking to The Impartial Reporter about the accident which occurred on May 29, Peter said: “I was out on the quad at home and it flipped over and landed on top of me. I got it off me and went home, I’d heard a crack and thought I’d damaged my ribs”. 
“Mum brought me to A and E and I walked in and they had the stretcher out straight away, they were really shocked and then told me my T-9 was fractured and I was millimetres from being paralysed.”
Peter explained how he spent 16 weeks in recovery following the accident, thankfully he only had to stay in hospital care for one day. 
Following his accident, however, he understands how his life could have changed that night. He is now passionate about raising money for this great charity who support so many.
Speaking about his decision to raise funds for the Air Ambulance, Peter said: “I didn’t need the Air Ambulance this time but you never know when you might need it. My mum (Ruth) is a volunteer and I had wanted to raise money for them and had thought of tractor runs but I chose to the do the sheep sale as I farm sheep, cattle and hens and then I work in the mart.”
Peter has recently started back to work following his accident and is looking forward to the mart being busy for his charity sheep sale. He said: “I think we have 42 or 43 sheep for the sale as well as a couple of gift vouchers too.”
The Charity Sheep Sale will take place at Enniskillen Mart on Tuesday, October 11 at 8.30pm. 
He is very grateful to all the local farmers who have donated sheep to help him make this event possible. 
All money raised from the sale will be donated to Air Ambulance N.I. Donations will also be accepted on the night. 
Concluding, Peter said: “It would be great if all the local farming community could come along and show their support at this event.”