The Chief Executive of the Share Centre in Lisnaskea has said there is the possibility of more cutbacks in services as it faces the ever increasing challenges brought about the current cost of living and energy crisis.

In a letter to patrons of the Share Centre, CEO Darragh Collins said “nothing is off the table in terms of decisions that we may have to make”.

300 per cent rise

It comes as the letter also revealed the Share Centre has seen its electricity costs increase by 300 per cent in 12 months.

With such an increase in costs, the Share Centre Board of Directors and management have decided to reduce the operating hours of the pool and leisure centre in an attempt to mitigate the spiralling costs.

Mr. Collins said the organisation is doing what they can to control finances but added “the only certainty we have in all of this is uncertainty”.

“There are so many variable for us at work and so little control.

“We’ve 6,000 less units used in September than August so we are doing all we can to control it.”

And while there may be some price rises he knows this cannot happen all the time.

“I can’t put prices up by 300 per cent, people can’t afford it,” said Mr. Collins.

“There comes a time where £1 is the difference in people coming or not.

“There is that balance. You can’t just keep putting prices up and expect people to keep paying them because everybody is suffering.

“We all have less in our pocket at the end of the month without doing anything so it’s definitely very difficult.”


What makes it even more frustrating is that the success the Share Centre has seen in the last year is wiped out by these costs instead of potentially being reinvested.

“The thing about it is we had a fantastic year. Everything was self generated this year. A fantastic year, way ahead of where we expected to be and in terms of revenue generated.

“But it is just wiped out with insurance and energy

“We had great plans at the start of the year to update and modernise many area of the centre but these have all been put on ice.”

Instead, staff have their working days reduced to four days a week and there is a reduction in service.

But he is pleased that the public do seem sympathetic to the issues they are facing and he hopes with their continued support the Share Centre will come out on the other side in a good place.

“We are doing all we can.

“We are going to have our Hallowe’en events, the ice rink has been planned for and we really hope that Fermanagh people and people in the border areas will support us and come out and help us because we are trying our best to keep facilities open and available for the community,” Mr. Collins concluded.