The author of ‘Granny Nancy, Ireland’s Oldest Lady Who Lived, Loved and Laughed for 107 Years’ who is currently touring the book around the island of Ireland will visit Fermanagh this weekend.

Author Louise Coghlan aims to visit the 32 counties of Ireland in an effort to spread the joy, healing and humour of the late Nancy Stewart (107) to as many people as possible. Lou also hopes to bring about a fun community feeling to each location with her colourful storytelling and enthusiastic approach to life.

In January of 2021, Lou and Granny Nancy took to ‘travelling’ the 32 counties of the island of Ireland on a virtual mass tour, with a number of international media outlets embracing the fun and uniqueness in the pair’s goal.

It is this idea that has Lou hoping to complete another 32-county tour, sadly without Granny Nancy by her side this time, but instead she will be in her heart as Lou heads towards remeeting all those who fell in love with Granny Nancy the first time round.

Lou will make her visit to County Fermanagh as the Granny Nancy Book Tour arrives into Killyhommon Primary School in Boho on Saturday, November 26 from 2.30 to 4.30pm.

Lou is really looking forward to meeting everyone and looks forward to sharing this very special book with one and all.

Lou will also visit St. Aidan’s High School’s Christmas Craft Fair in Derrylin on Sunday, November 27 from noon to 5pm.