Failing to turn on the lights of his friend's car while he was moving it caught the attention of police and ended up in a driving ban for one Enniskillen man.

Enniskillen Magistrates Court heard on Monday that at 1.30am on April 24, police observed a Vauxhall Vectra on Eden Street in Enniskillen with no lights on and stopped it.

The driver, Ryan Gavin Byrne (23), of Heathdale View, Enniskillen, told police he was moving the car for a friend who was in the rear passenger seat at the time.

Byrne admitted to police he had no insurance and there were also no 'R' plates displayed. His solicitor, Gary Black, told the court the defendant was out socialising with friends on the evening in question.

The friend who owned the car had consumed more alcohol than Byrne, and the defendant was moving the car a short distance away to leave it overnight.

Mr. Black outlined the impact the loss of his driving licence would have on Byrne and asked the court to give him credit for his guilty plea.

Convicting him of having no insurance, no 'R' plates displayed, and no lights illuminated on a vehicle, District Judge Steven Keown disqualified him from driving for four months and fined him a total of £500.