The Graan's annual draw, which has a grand prize of £5,000, will once again take place via webcam on Friday, December 2.

"The draw is going very well and we have a wonderful group of volunteers who are going around the different areas of Fermanagh here and giving of their time and energy in selling the tickets, and people are very generous," said Fr. Charles Cross, Rector of The Graan Monastery.

He went on to explain that the draw is the only fundraising event The Graan hosts during the year, and he is grateful for the support.

Outlining the draw prizes this year, Fr. Charles said: "Normally we have a car, but this year the first prize is £5,000, the second prize is £1,000, and then there's a further five prizes of £100 each."

Tickets are available via sellers or at all the doors of the church.

People are also being advised to return their counterfoils as soon as possible to avoid being impacted by the Royal Mail postal strikes.

The draw will take place in the church at 6pm on Friday, December 2 on webcam, which can be viewed via The Graan's website.

"Normally we have a dinner dance, but by the time of arranging a dinner dance we were not quite sure where we would be with Covid-19," explained Fr. Charles, noting that safety is paramount. "We thought, we'd not have a dinner dance, but we'd still have the draw."

Money raised from the sales of tickets for the draw will support The Graan and its Passionist ministry.

"The money raised is to keep us supported here in The Graan. We have our formation programme with students in Crossgar, we support them with the money, and it also supports our elderly, many of whom are living in Dublin at the moment.

"I think there's about 15 in Dublin that need that kind of attention," said Fr. Charles, adding: "We have also our mission out in South Africa.

"So with the money, we will use some of it here, the rest will be spent in [our Passionist ministry].

"The people here are more than generous."