A FERMANAGH businessman has announced his acquisition of Bedford-based JI Software for a six-figure sum.

Niall McCaffrey, who is originally from Tempo, is the Managing Director of customer relationship management (CRM) software company, ProAptivity, which specialises in solutions for businesses, charities, social enterprise and educational organisations.

The new acquisition will triple ProAptivity’s existing client base with new customers including Cambridge University and Oxford University.

ProAptivity helps organisations streamline business processes, reduce administration costs, enhance the customer experience, support client retention and enable businesses and organisations to compete globally.

The company is a top-five partner of global leader in CRM software, Maximizer CRM EMEA, and is the only premium partner on the island of Ireland.

Niall said: “I am delighted to announce the acquisition of JI Software – a CRM service that is fully aligned with ProAptivity and will help strengthen the solutions offering to both customer bases.

“We also welcome three new employees to the company who will play an important role in taking it to the next level.

“The takeover provides ProAptivity with complementary skills to further develop our CRM transformation capabilities, develop our offering and support our ambitious growth strategy by increasing our customer base across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“The service we offer helps organisations keep information up to date, communicate with their stakeholders, fulfil compliance obligations and ensure they gain organisational insight.

“We are helping our clients do incredible things. For example, we work with universities to ensure they support students with disabilities to achieve their full potential in Third Level education.

“The universities have been fully aware of what help and resources the individual students need, and have been able to provide this assistance to ensure they flourish in their education.

“It is an exciting time for the company and I’m looking forward to working with our new team to achieve a projected growth of 40 per cent over the next three years as we continue to roll out our CRM solutions.”

For further information on ProAptivity, see www.proaptivity.com.