THERE was a long discussion at Inniskilling Rural Council on Tuesday, Hon. C.L. Corry, presiding, on the question of Direct Labour and the severity of heavy motor lorries on the roads.

The discussion was on the lines of former discussions which have already been fully reported.

As to the heavy motor traffic, Mr. J.J. Coulter said that it was impossible for the ratepayers at present to keep up the roads with the traffic that was on them. the whole burden of the cost of upkeep was laid on one industry.

The tax put on these heavy motor lorries was not equitable nor fair.

Let them make the roads suitable enough for the needs of the farmers, and if anyone else want them better let them pay the expense themselves.

Mr. Geddis - The tax on these lorries should be 10s a day, considering the way they are destroying the roads. The should be extra taxed.

Mr. W.J. Brown - The Government lorries do more damage than any others.

Mr. Thos. Elliott moved a resolution calling upon the County Council to take all steps necessary to prevent this heavy motor traffic on the roads and also calling upon the Government to subsidise the Council for the extra damage done to the roads by the police and military cars.

Mr. Meehan seconded the resolution which was passed.