Throughout January, Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre (DQDT) is running its first Creative Lab, a new project with four locally based artists; Rose Connolly, Paddy McEneaney, Wayne Moohan and Sofia Vélez.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Creative Lab is providing an opportunity for professional artists living in and/or from Fermanagh to explore the development of creative ideas that have the potential to be developed into contemporary performance and/or engagement projects.

A DQDT spokesperson said: "Whilst this is the first Creative Lab of its kind here, we hope that it is the first step in building a supportive ecology for the development of professional contemporary performance practice in and from Fermanagh."

Composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Rose Connolly was born in County Fermanagh. Her body of work includes ensemble, large-scale and small-scale works, solo pieces, electronic solo/ensemble pieces and short film/multi-media works also. Her unique sound is an idiosyncratic combination of modernist and contemporary music with inflections of Irish Traditional music, Folk and Jazz.

Paddy McEneaney is an actor, director and producer. He is the founder and artistic director of Exit Does Theatre. He works extensively in counties Fermanagh and Leitrim in community and professional theatre.

Wayne Moohan is an actor, singer and dancer who has seen success in children's entertainment. He has spent the last year working with Live Business as part of their Tui Blue For Families programme in Bulgaria and Lanzarote. He is also been the Prince in Coleraine Riverside pantomime working with Mr. Hullabaloo for two years. His work prior to this was largely in his community at an amateur level, being a part of his local drama groups from a young age.

Sofia Vélez is a multi-disciplinary performer, they are currently engaging socio-political conversation in their work, investigating physicality and unconventional movement to express their Colombian heritage and working class upbringing. Exploring a term they call “the self as radical existence” they hope to use the residency with DQDT to develop their practice further under great guidance.