A spruce, birch and rowan tree were each ceremoniously planted on Monday, January 30 by Viscount Brookeborough, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Lord-in-waiting for more than a quarter of a century, in a gesture which recognises both the 60th anniversary of Balcas and The Queen’s Green Canopy tree-planting project.

The timber-producing spruce tree was the 60th planted this month in a dedicated area on site at Killadeas, along with five birch and five alder trees – a mix which ensures biodiversity benefits, in a practice that is now commonplace in commercial forestry.


Brian Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Balcas, said: “Balcas are delighted to plant these trees, both in memory of her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and in support of The Queen’s Green Canopy that commemorates her Platinum Jubilee of 2022.

“Sitka spruce is the workhorse tree for CO2 sequestration, and for timber for our nation’s built environment.

“Over the coming decades, we see sustainably-managed timber and wood fibre as being ever more important in the world as it substitutes for so many less CO2-friendly materials, and we see our managed forests as carbon sinks, and places of leisure and education.”

Also in attendance was James Hamilton Stubber, Chairperson of The Queen’s Green Canopy project Northern Ireland, and Nigel Manley, Head of Forestry, Balcas.