Students from all over Ireland and abroad attend courses in equine care and management at Enniskillen Campus of CAFRE.

CAFRE offers Honours and Foundation Degree courses in Equine Management, validated by Ulster University. Courses are also available at Certificate and Diploma level alongside ApprenticeshipsNI and Farriery courses. There is the opportunity for students to progress throughout the suite of courses. Some students who commence their study on the Level 2 programme progress all the way through and can complete with a BSc (Hons) degree in Equine Management.

The Campus says that staff there are all well qualified and have extensive experience in the equine industry. They are also very dedicated to working with young people, providing them with pastoral care and helping them to become the best that they can be. A unique aspect of our provision is that equine technologists work alongside education staff which helps students understand the latest equine research and innovation.

The equine student body is drawn mainly from throughout the island of Ireland with a small number coming from further afield, including Great Britain. Approximately 150 equine students are currently enrolled on Further and Higher Education programmes at Enniskillen.

Students from the Republic of Ireland (ROI) - Under the arrangements in place for the Common Travel Area (CTA) between the United Kingdom and Ireland, ROI students have the same rights as those based in Northern Ireland. A high proportion of Enniskillen students already come from the Republic of Ireland and we welcome further applicants from the ROI.

Approximately 70 horses are kept at Enniskillen Campus and one reason for our success is that we provide our equine students with a stimulating academic education while they benefit from hands-on experience. Students can work with a range of horses in the equine breeding, equitation, racing, and farriery units; opportunities to compete in races and equestrian competitions and consign foals at the sales.

A unique aspect of Enniskillen’s provision is the presence of equine technologists working alongside teaching staff at the campus. Students enjoy the residential experience at Enniskillen Campus and often make friends for life.

BSc (Hons) in Equine Management Year 1 students manage the running of the Campus Student Livery yard as part of their Introduction to Business Management module. Students from the ROI can find information on financial support on the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) website. Higher Education students can also avail of support through the Student Loans Company. ROI students can apply for a loan for the fees through Student Finance at:

Applications for Certificate and Diploma programmes are made via the CAFRE website

There are no tuition fees for Further Education programmes.

A number of student bursaries are also awarded totalling over £90,000.