The discovery of cannabis in a man’s bedroom has led to a fine for possession of a Class-B controlled drug.

At 5.15pm on November 29, 2022, police attended an address in Tempo, Enniskillen Magistrates Court heard on Monday.

When they spoke to the occupant of the house, they detected a strong smell of cannabis coming from within.

The owner of the house said the smell was from their son, Nathan Armstrong (23), of Edenmore Heights, Tempo, who had smoked cannabis and returned to the property.

A search uncovered 3-4g of cannabis in Armstrong’s bedroom. He was interviewed and made full admissions, saying it was for personal use and it helped him sleep.

Armstrong’s solicitor, Michael Fahy said it was a “nominal amount”, and his client made full admissions.

For possession of cannabis, Armstrong was fined £200.