Enniskillen Theatre Company is delighted to return to the Ardhowen theatre with their Easter production of ‘Moll’, by John B. Keane, one of Ireland’s most prolific and respected literary figures.

A spokesperson for Enniskillen Theatre Company said: “We have all laughed at the antics of Father Ted’s housekeeper, the famous Mrs. Doyle, and many believe that the iconic TV series was based on this wonderful play by Keane.”

Moll is a hilarious and highly-successful comedy about life in an Irish country presbytery, with the situation of a new housekeeper in a presbytery described as comparable to a country with a change of government, or a family that gets a new stepmother.

In the play, Moll Kettle had previously worked for the Monsignor, and, in her new job, she truly believes that she is now working ‘beneath her station’.

In her own words: “Tis hard to come back to the plain black and white when one is used to the purple.”

Moll is directed by Christian Carbin and features well-known local actors Padraig Connolly and Sean Murphy, and stars Christine Maher Irvine, who plays Moll herself.

Also in the cast are All-Ireland Confined award-winning actors, Damian McGirr, Conor Friery and Aideen McNamara. This promises to be a truly stellar production from an outstanding cast of local talent.

For a wonderful night of Easter entertainment, come along to the Ardhowen on April 6, 7 and 8 and step back in time, and spend the evening with Moll.

Book online at www.ardhowen.com, or call the Box Office at 0286 632 5440.