A boat hitting an overhead powerline left more than one thousand people in Enniskillen without electricity last night (Thursday, March 16). 

Residential areas of Enniskillen in the Sligo Road area - including Old Rossorry, Coleshill, and the Ferney Rise area - were left without electricity. The fault also impacted traffic light signals and street lights.

A spokesperson for Northern Ireland Electric (NIE) confirmed the details of the incident and said: "Due to a boat making contact with an overhead power line 1,800 customers in the Rossorry area of Enniskillen experienced a loss of electricity supply shortly after 7.15pm on Thursday evening.

"NIE Networks engineers responded to the fault immediately to carry out necessary repair work, with power restored to customers affected by 10.30pm.

"We would remind customers it is very important, whether you are embarking on a day's sailing or planning to transport your yacht or boat, to be extra vigilant around electricity equipment, especially when working in low-light conditions.   

"Please ensure you follow our safety guidelines to stay safe while sailing and always look up and look out for overhead power lines.

"In case of emergency please contact our helpline number,  03457 643 643."