A great afternoon of craic was had last week as Fermanagh Stroke Support Group hosted the band The Tumbling Paddies as part of their weekly meeting.

The group meet weekly and last Tuesday (March 14) held a special meeting with music as they prepared to mark St. Patrick's Day.

The group enjoyed listening to tunes from the popular band from Fermanagh, and hearing their stories from their packed schedule touring the length and breadth of the island of Ireland.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter following the afternoon of music, the Event C-Ordinator for the group, Ciara Murray, said: "It was so good, the atmosphere was brilliant; Everyone thought they were brilliant, and a couple of the members want to see them again.

"Everyone was singing along and the boys really engaged with the members they were chatting with them about where they had been the previous weekend, and where they were going this weekend [for gigs].

"They really picked up the members' [spirits], and everyone was in really great form."

Fermanagh Stroke Support Group are very grateful to The Tumbling Paddies for giving up their time to perform for the group.

The group meet weekly every Tuesday which Ciara believes is a huge benefit to all of those who are members. Members range from young to old, and say there is a community feel to the group.

"If someone wanted to come to the group, one of the members could meet them for a coffee or meet them before they go in, or they can come along on a Tuesday.

"I am eight years post-stroke this year, and I'm out of a wheelchair, no stick, and I'm back driving, and the group has been a huge incentive for me," added Ciara.