NI Water’s non-domestic water and sewerage charges have risen by 13.4 per cent on average from last Saturday, April 1.

Speaking ahead of the price rise for businesses, the utility’s Director of Finance, Regulation & Commercial, Ronan Larkin, said: “We are aware how challenging the environment can be for local businesses within the economy right now.

“In previous years, we have been able to limit the non-domestic price increase to strike a balance between generating sufficient income and minimising the impact on business customers.

“Whilst NI Water has again absorbed as much cost as possible, the company is facing significant financial pressures from rising energy prices and other cost increases.

“We have worked hard to ensure most of our customers will see their bills rise by less than inflation. Specific bill changes operate according to a formula agreed with the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator.

“Measured customer bills will rise by 12.7 per cent, while unmeasured and trade effluent bills will rise by 13.7 per cent and 15.5 per cent respectively. This compares favourably with other utilities across the gas and electricity sectors.”

He added: “NI Water is mindful of the impact of price rises; it is therefore important that customers who may need extra help with their bill communicate with us as soon as possible.”